FIS rules

To ensure that you remain safe on the slopes in the 4-mountain ski area in Schladming, we have compiled the FIS rules for you. We wish you nice and safe days skiing!

Safe on the go - the FIS rules for skiers

  1. Respect for others
    Every skier¹ must always behave in such a way that he does not endanger or harm anyone else.
    ¹) The term "ski" is understood here to describe both skis and all ski-like gliders on snow, such as big foot, short carver, skwal, snowboard, snowbike and the like.
  2. Controlling speed and skiing style
    Every skier must ski so that he is visible. He must adapt his speed and skiing style to his abilities and to the terrain, snow and weather conditions as well as to traffic density.
  3. Selecting the lane 
    The skier coming from behind must choose his lane so that he does not endanger skiers ahead of him.
  4. Overtaking
    Overtaking may be done from above or below, from the right or the left, but only at a distance which allows the overtaken skier enough space for all his movements.
  5. Entering, restarting and skiing uphill
    Any skier entering a downhill run, starting after a stop or swinging up or downhill, has to make sure that he can do this without danger to himself and others.
  6. Stopping
    Every skier has to avoid being able to stop at a narrow or unclear part of a downhill run. A fallen skier must clear the location of the fall as soon as possible.
  7. Ascent and descent
    A skier who descends or walks on foot must use the edge of the downhill course.
  8. Observing the signs
    Each skier must observe the marking and the signals.
  9. Behaviour in the case of accidents
    In the case of accidents, everyone is obliged to provide assistance.
  10. Identification obligation
    Each skier, whether a witness or a party, whether responsible or not, must indicate his personal details in the event of an accident.